Starter Kit

whisl CBD vape starter kits contain everything you’ll need to start treating yourself well:

  • 1 rechargeable battery with a sleek, lightweight, aluminum body
  • 1 USB charger
  • 2 Intermission pods to help you relax throughout the day 
  • 2 colors to choose from Warm Grey or Deep Blue   

The sleek design of whisl vaporizers features

  • Automatic shut-off temperature control
  • Buttonless activation 
  • LED power-status indicator
  • Precise, glass-atomizer heating

Whisl vaporizers are verified for quality via third-party testing, and UL-certified for safety.


Following independent user trials, a majority of consumers say whisl helps* with:

  • Fade Out: improving a sense of calm and preparing for the end of the day

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UL Industry Certified

UL is recognized as a global leader in battery safety testing.

Certificate of Analysis

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